Friday, March 4, 2011

Some good movies you should see and one you can spare..

Get Low
Like Dandelion Dust

Two excellent Christian movies.. Christian films are getting better and better.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader was lame. Very disappointed, but then, should I be?


Jordan said...

I'm really curious to know why you thought it was lame. Just taking it as a "movie" (and not necessarily based on a super amazing and awesome book), I thought it was really well done. But that's just my opinion. :)

Laura said...

That was really amusing as I just watched both of those first two, I thought 'like dandelion dust' was very sad, but I still liked it.

Laura said...

many people I know thought 'like dandelion dust' too sad, but I liked it... and 'get low' also :-)

BJ said...

Hi Jordan and Laura,

Like Dandelion Dust was sad and intense at points in the movie, so largely in part because that stuff happens all the time. I loved it though because it was redemptive, and ended where it should have. The thrust is correct, many families that have "rights" biologically really do need to let their children go to a home that they will be cared for better. It all depends, but in the scenario laid out in the movie, it ended well. The biological mom (forget her name) was an amazing character in the film and also a fantastic actress.. This is unique for Christian films.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader..

Great to hear from you Jordan! It's been ages since I've seen your family. Hope all of you are well.

Whereas we can't expect a 1 1/2 hour movie to capture the depth of a book we can expect more from people trying to do one from C.S. Lewis. Movie makers need deep criticism because they ignore and scoff at Christian story-Christian symbolism. Christian symbolism is really important in an age that is empty of Christian metaphor, symbol, and type.

They totally missed the deep reality of conversion and repentance in Eustace being torn up by Aslan. It was just a way to get Eustace free in the movie.

They threw in the green island of evil thing that wasn't in the book. They did minimal character development of the magician dude with the dufflepuds. The magician had bread and wine in the story and that's important Christian symbolism. The story did not have a unity in the movie, it just hopped clumsily from the important scenes to the next.

Eustace did a good job of being the whiny brat, I'll give 'em that. The sea serpent was good, but one would expect that --special effects is all many moviemakers can pull off these days.

Aslan greeted the Pevensie children with a charcoal fire in the end--mirroring off of Jesus' charcoal fire and fish before the disciples in John 21. In addition to this, there were many important moments of dialogue in the book that could have made it in the movie but they didn't. They needed to make the movie at least 2 hours long in my opinion.

All in all, it lacked depth and seemed extraordinarily choppy. But hey, glad you liked it. Tell me how you liked it and your thoughts?