Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Category: What should a pastor wear?

So, I'm now the pastor of Trinity Church of the Tri-Cities  Whoohoo!  I'm a happy camper.

I just wanted to share with everyone how potent wearing a liturgical collar is..  My "office" right now is either Starbucks or the Columbia Basin Racquet Club.  The church is graciously getting me some office space, but don't have it yet.  Our place is just a little bit full with my fam so I need a place to study.

I've made a rule for myself to never wear a black liturgical shirt..  It's just too close to the wrong uniform for the wrong team--R.C.'s.

But, I've got a dark blue on and have white.  Some other colors are coming in the mail.

Wearing the collar has already been amazing..  This is the second day I've worn it.  When I was in Spokane I was all over the city and you just don't get people approaching you very much..  Wearing a collar here doesn't create invisible walls like it would more in the south.  I guarantee you that I wouldn't have had a recent evangelistic conversation without it.  People feel more comfortable to approach you because you represent Someone else, not so much yourself.  It's a conversation starter, if nothing else.  Some people hate it probably, some think it's weird, but it's done so rarely in society that I think it's an easy way to get an edge in the "world."  If you try to carry yourself with a little humility and be a blessing with it (in terms of tips, friendly business exchange etc.) it's really powerful.  You can constantly  (if you're not being an idiot) put a good testimony on Christianity because the uniform is so distinct.  

Katherine Daniels might be my first visitor this Sunday.

Here's hoping..


Scenic Route said...

I find this fascinating--who knew? Certainly not this So Baptist (the most ignorant among us end up on Nat TV-and CNN out of Hong Kong, even! without teeth and wearing their wife beater T-shirts :) Thanks for sharing!

BJ said...

Hey Granny!

Yep, I'm a believer. It also simplifies my choice of dress everyday! The practice of liturgical dress has long been a practice in pretty much all branches of the church until the 20th century. Fundamentalism kind of squashed it. The collar itself, much like the one I wear was actually developed by a Scottish protestant minister not Roman Catholic--interesting huh?
Pastor Ben (!)